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Education as Swami Vivekananda says is the “ Manifestation of perfection already in a Man”.
If this is true, then the most fundamental approach should be to provide the right kind of environment, where one can have jugglery of ideas without hindrance.

School is a temple of education and place for learning skills. Schools must strive hard to bring the pupils nearer to basics. Education does not mean obsession with Board results, but to equip a child to live as a critical thinker and an ‘active worker’. SMS Convent School plays a vital role in this sacred phenomenon of man making.

Our nation requires an educational revolution. SMS Convent School wants to be a ray of hope in this mission of survival. In our institute we want to make this awesome task fairly simple by shaping up perfect products in the form of ideal citizens, having faith in divine power. The school provides ample opportunities and facilities to the students so that they blossom into responsible citizens and spread the fragrance of Humanity. We believe in enabling them to develop into a complete human being.

The work of school ranges over all aspects of pre-adolescent and adolescent growth. The aim kept in view is, harmonious development of the whole personality and its integration with particular reference to the students from all sections of society.