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  NEWS:: Admission Open for Session 2019-20  
  Welcome to SMS Convent School    

SMS Convent School, is a school with difference. It is a trendsetter and a hallmark of excellence. The school was established in the year 2014 with a view to redefine the concept of quality education. It is recognized and valued that children bring their own perspectives and cultures and experiences to the classroom. At the SMS Convent school we are acutely sensitive to the nurturing of your child during formative years when human character takes shape. Children explore who they are in relation to the others in the world and who they are as unique individuals.

SMS Convent School believes in developing the overall personality of its students in order to create future responsible global citizens. Hence, imparting training is done based on the five principles of the SMS Convent School holistic development policy –
          1. To develop a spirit of inquiry and achieve Academic Excellence
          2. To inculcate a sense of discipline and character
          3. To develop a spirit of Social Commitment.
          4. To promote a Culture of Peace in the society.
          5. To build a strong Industry – Institute Interface